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Style 6 Red Cedar Cat Scratcher & 2 Mice

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Item Description

This scratcher is custom made from two beautiful pieces of eastern red cedar (also called aromatic red cedar). It is 100% natural, solid cedar, no particle board, plywood, carpet, adhesives, ect. It has not been sealed so it still releases a wonderful cedar scent. Your scratcher will be approximately 24″ long, 10″ wide, 4 1/2″ thick and 19″ tall. It has felt pads to protect your floor from being scratched. It is a heavy (30 lb), solid piece that will last many years.

And, this scratcher has 2 mouse holes with mice! Well, a ping pong ball that acts like a mouse. When your kitty goes for the ball it rolls up the inclined hole then when she removes her paw from the mouse hole the ball comes back with a “pong” sound. Cats are fascinated by it. They don’t seem to ever tire of trying to get that “mouse” from its hole. The ball is captive in its hole because the opening is smaller than the ball. You and your cat will love this scratcher and toy! It is uniquely beautiful yet practical and fun.

This beautiful piece has been shaped, scraped, and hand sanded smooth yet retains its natural appearance. There are interesting contours and textures for your cats scratching pleasure. And cats can really dig their claws into this scratcher. Eastern red cedar is a perfect scratching medium for cats. The creamy wood is hard enough for satisfying scratching yet not so hard as to splinter and stick in the cats paws. The red heart

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