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Pink Parrot® Hawaiian Delights® Hanging Polly Crown Toy Treat for Med/Lg Birds

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Product Information:

  • For Amazons, Conures, Macaws and other medium to large birds.
  • A fun and tasty toy your bird will love!
  • Provides your bird hours of delicious play.
  • Can greatly reduce your bird’s boredom & anxiety and help reduce bird vices.
  • Made in USA

Item Description

PetAg® Hawaiian Delights® edible bird toys are a healthy, tasty and uniquely entertaining treat. This large ring hangs to almost 10″ yet attaches easily to the inside of any cage using the included clip. Different bright & safely colored shapes & sizes of cookies, nuts, beads & blocks provide a healthy and delicious way to keep your bird happy. All the cookies are produced in a human-grade bakery and made from wholesome ingredients like Wheat Flour, Dry Skim Milk, Anise Oil and White Millet.

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