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Da Bird – Cat Catcher Mouse Refill

Product Information:

  • Replacement/Accessory for the #1 Toy: Da Bird!
  • With your Da Bird pole, has a long pole that is easier on YOUR back when you play with your cats
  • Made in USA Go Cat Quality!
  • Cats go wild over the motion of the mouse!
  • A Must Have accessory for Da Bird!

Item Description

This is the exact same mouse you get on the popular Go Cat Cat Catcher toy, except it does not come with the short glitter wand. When Go Cat had me test the Cat Catcher before it was released, our cats loved it. The ONLY problem was in the length of the 12 inch wand. I found I had to stoop, crouch and bend to give it enough play that the cats went wild. But that hurt, me! So I told Go Cat that I felt it would be a better accessory for the Da Bird (with the 36 inch pole) and behold, they produced the mice with a loop nose so the can now b replaced on the Cat Catcher OR put on the Da Bird! And on the Da Bird it is a GREAT addition to your accessory collection!

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