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CFA Active Cat Teaser Ball With Rattle

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Product Information:

  • Soft fleece covered bungee cord
  • Ball has a rattle to get and keep kitty’s attention
  • Irresistable feathers attached to the end of the ball beg to be swatted
  • Loop slides over a door knob for solo play

Item Description

Soft fleece covered bungee with a rattel ball and feathers at the end. Can attach to door knob for solo play. CFA Active Cat cat toys are designed to help develop and maintain your cat’s optimum well-being through playful, interactive mental and physical stimulation. This toy has elements that would attract your cat in nature like feathers, and play on her curiosity like a rattle. The bungee style cord allows your cat to catch and release the ‘prey’ to see it fling in the opposite direction, attempting to escape. 16″ Long (to end of feathers) when coiled, stretches to 30″ (to end of feathers). cat toys

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